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  • 10 vibes for Datça

    like locals

    Old Datça: Old Datça is full of cobblestone streets, colorful bougainvillea bushes, old stone houses, little shops, and the house of Can Yücel, the famous poet who spent almost 30 years in Datça.

    Beaches and coves: There are many beautiful beaches in the 52 unique coves of Datça where you can enjoy the sea, sand, and sun.

    Boat tours: You can enjoy Datça’s famous coves, each of which is a hidden paradise.

    Knidos: The region’s most famous landmark is the ancient city of Knidos.

    Datça Camping: In a forest full of pine trees, you can fill your lungs with oxygen, and admire the endless blue and green.

    Herbs and plants: Local dishes made using indigenous herbs, seafood, thyme honey, and almonds are not to be missed!

    District bazaars: All local herbs and products can be found here.

    Silk workshops: You can find exquisite silk products in Datça by visiting the local workshops where silk is produced.

    The house of poet Can Yücel: The house where the famous poet lived and died will offer you insight into his long love affair with this beautiful town.

    Datça traditional market: If you want to buy local products, you should visit the traditional market that is set up on Saturdays in the center of Datça. Here you will find all kind of fresh fruits and vegetables grown on the Datça Peninsula and the surrounding regions.