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    Myths and Legends

    One of Türkiye’s most unspoiled seaside towns, Datça is a true hidden gem with beautiful beaches, old villages, and a peaceful atmosphere. Situated at the junction where the Aegean Sea meets the Mediterranean, Datça has maintained its charm as an idyllic Aegean port city for centuries. The 80-kilometer-long Datça Peninsula is situated in the district of Muğla. The ancient people believed Datça has been created personally by Zeus, a belief that arose from its gorgeous nature and pristine waters. According to ancient geographer and philosopher Strabo, “God sent his beloved creatures to Datça so they would live longer.” Turkish poet Can Yücel, who spent almost 30 years in Datça, agreed wholeheartedly and said, “May Datça be my resting place.”

    The amphitheater overlooking the sea hosts concerts and festivals during the summer and autumn. The Golden Almond Cinema and Culture Festival is held in September.