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    Hit the Beach!

    The Datça Peninsula has pristine coves, bays, and beaches, nine of which carry the distinguished Blue Flag certification. In Datça, you can enjoy the luxury of swimming right in the city center. Taşlık, Kumluk, and Hastane Altı Beaches are all Blue Flag-certified, located in the city center, and open to the public. If you have more time, you should check out the coves, or büks, dotting the road from Datça to Knidos. Adorning the green hills like turquoise beads, some of these coves are accessible only by water. Palamutbükü is the first cove east of Knidos. It is a charming fishing village with great restaurants, small hotels, and a pristine 2.5-kilometer beach. If you have a car, you can easily explore the nearby beaches like Akvaryum Koyu and Akçabük. Next on the map are Ovabükü, Hayıtbükü, and Kızılbük, three coves conveniently situated side by side. Domuzbükü is another beautiful cove which can only be reached by boat. These is a total of 52 coves that are favorite Blue Cruise stops, and many boat tours will take you to several of them in one day.

    Water Sports

    Designated as a Special Environmental Protection Area, Datça’s 235 kilometers of coastline, over 50 coves, and rich flora and fauna await those who want to explore the region from the sea. If you’re looking for more than swimming, Datça is a paradise for nature sports enthusiasts. The coves dotting the seaside are ideal for surfing, sailing, snorkeling, and scuba diving. With record-high levels of oxygen, Datça’s breathtaking nature continues to mesmerize even on the water. It’s the perfect place for windsurfers looking for peacefulness. Surfing is a major activity in the region and there are clubs on the beaches for those who want to learn.

    The peninsula is also a favorite spot for divers. Dotted with coves and small islands, Datça’s shores teem with a vibrant underwater life. Divers will have the chance to see dolphins, sharks, and Mediterranean seals in these waters.

    The Silkworm - Another Star of the Peninsula

    Another local product, which is undergoing a renaissance, is silk. Decades ago, Datça was a major center of sericulture, the rearing of silkworms to produce raw silk. This practice has been recently revived and you can find exquisite silk products in Datça. If you want to buy local products, you should visit the traditional market which is set up on Saturdays in New Datça.

    Another place worth checking out is Sanatçılar Sokağı (Artisans Street) where local artists display their handicrafts.